Tuesday, October 6, 2015


I just love Utah summers. Like really really love them. There are festivals and parades and firework shows every weekend and you better believe I go to all of them! Strawberry Days is one of my favorite and we always go to the rodeo! Tripp is for sure the cutest cowboy I have ever seen!
 Oakley and Tristin are best little buds.  I love to see how much they love each other. I'm thankful Oakley has a cousin she can play so well with.

 Our little redhead beauties:)
 Autumn and Zach are just the cutest!
 Saylor's best friend from Missouri, Eden, was here for a month over the summer and Say was in heaven! She's missed her so much. We were lucky to get to play with them lots. Eden got to be in the strawberry days parade and Say was so excited to see her!

 Saylor, Jess and Morgin...the blondies
So I know you aren't supposed to say stuff like this but I'm pretty sure Tripp is my cutest baby.  His bright blonde curls, blue eyes and long eyelashes just melt me. 

 Meeting one of the princesses after the parade
 We are missing Oaks because she went up to my mom's in Idaho for a few days. My mom was begging to take my kids and I was really hesitant until my mom offered to potty train Oakley...yes please! Oakley is definitely my craziest and hardest child and I thought it'd be such a nice break to have her gone a few days.  It was insane to me how much we missed her!!  She is such an important part of our family and adds so much spunk. It was way too quiet with out her around.
 I really am so bad at taking pictures these days but I snapped a few on the 4th of July.  Kirst came which is always the best!  The 4th is my very favorite holiday but I have to admit it was a stressful day and it made me so bummed.  We missed the parade, Oaks pooped in her pants at Jen's party so we had to go home early and trying to split the time between my family and Ty's was stressful. The summer really had a dark cloud hanging over it because Ty was studying so hard for boards and could never do anything. He was supposed to take boards July 2nd and so we could just relax and party the rest of July but he didn't feel ready so he postponed it 2 weeks and it was the hugest bummer ever. Plus, we knew he had to leave for 12 weeks on August 1st and that was definitely looming over us. That really sounds so negative which is so not me. It was hard but there really were lots of fun times in between the hard which I am thankful for.

The kids loved playing in the sand!

 We also got in a super awesome game of sand volleyball!
 Whatever I am doing there looks extremely awkward haha

 Grandma Great is always the best at helping follow the kids around

 Now switching gears again...these are some pics I got at Bodi's baby blessing

Grandma Karen and cute little Bodi
 Beau gave such a sweet blessing to Bodi at their house, it was very nice.
 We had to have yummy food!

 Playing duck duck goose with the kids

Monday, October 5, 2015

Canyonlands 2015

Ty's family has been going to Canyonlands for years and we've always loved going! We were so sad to miss it when we were in Missouri so it was really awesome when Ty had work off and our whole family could go this year! (P.S. This was back in April...)

Our cute little hikers...

Oaks loves to wrestle with her older cousins, being wild and rough is kind of her favorite and these boys can handle her crazy!

My girls just love to camp and be out in the dirt! It had been so long since we had been camping.

This was Tripp's first camping experience and he did awesome! Except that he didn't sleep like at all. He was not very fond of having cold bottles in the middle of the night.

The Whole Group!
I love my sweet fam!
I also really love Tallon and Autumn and I'm so glad they came. Oaks was having a grumpy moment.
What a cute uncle:)
Kao and Tra having fun jumping from rock to rock...

Tallon and Oaks gave it a try too.

Utah is so beautiful!
Love my little hiking buddy!

My favorite day of the trip is always the day we take the jeeps and go four wheeling over Elephant Hill. It is seriously like the real life Indiana Jones ride, such a rush!

These girls loved having Aunt Autumn with us!

We were so so happy Ty could come with us! I probably couldn't have handled camping with 3 kids with out him. He really loved driving too!

Tripp is always so happy being outside!

It was such a cool sight to see us all come down all of this crazy stuff!

At the Confluence

Showing Saylor newspaper rock
 We also got to go repelling one day and it was so much fun!

We really had such a blast on this trip! I'm so thankful I married into such a fun family:)